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We help companies leverage what customers want from sales and marketing

As 2022 ends, we have helped over 250 clients with our partners implement B2B and B2C solutions with Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.  These holistic, multi-cloud integrations that may include CRM Analytics equip our clients with actionable first party customer data to boost revenue.

Our clients are in segments as varied as Healthcare, Financial Services, Government (Carahsoft partner), Energy, and Consumer Goods, and our projects span from simple jumpstarts to long IT integrations.




Sales Cloud


Marketing Cloud (including Pardot)

Leverage Salesforce to Boost Revenue


Started in Austin Texas, CM Leveraged Solutions (CMLS) is a Salesforce Partner who helps companies grow revenue and strengthen brand loyalty. 

Help sales and marketing thrive by using experienced Salesforce consultants to pull through more revenue.





Sales Cloud Enables Clients to Boost Revenue

CMLS has helped over 100 companies implement Sales Cloud solutions and customize features such as sales processes, collaborative forecasting, CPQ, case management and campaign reporting.  To gain actionable reporting, we also recommend CRM Analytics!   Salesforce® customer relationship management is industry leading with game changing capabilities for your team.  Since it is cloud based, meaning management of all the server hardware and software, it is […]

Marketing Cloud Enables Clients to Strengthen Brand

CMLS has helped over 150 companies significantly increase customer conversion and brand loyalty with the features of Marketing Cloud Studios and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot).  Our projects span from short jumpstarts to long IT integrations. Marketing Cloud is a powerful B2C and B2B marketing automation tool that connects seamlessly with Salesforce® implementations, data warehouses, and social media. Its features include creating professional emails, […]

Business Analytics Enables Clients to Boost ROI

   Use CRM Dashboards and Analytics for real time tracking of the business plan  We work with you to develop the most relevant real time CRM dashboards for sales and marketing. Check out this link for a quick demo of the power of Salesforce Dashboards and Reporting Leverage AI enhanced analytics of customer data using CRM Analytics or Tableau Use your existing data to focus the business […]

As Archimedes imagined, with a big enough lever a person could move the world! At CM Leveraged Solutions (CMLS) we consult with you to find levers to boost sales.