Growth Marketing


CM Leveraged Solutions

Started in Austin Texas, CMLS is a consultant partner of  We help companies find the right levers to boost sales!


We are a boutique business that leverages Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud  solutions to grow ROI through digital marketing that is both precise and discreet.  





As 2021 ends, we have helped over 150 clients in market segments as varied as solar power, banking, plant based foods, and cosmetics implement Salesforce marketing solutions.


Using the Salesforce ecosystem, allow us to help balance and automate your growth marketing strategy.



We help you execute your business strategy through cloud based services  


Marketing Cloud

CMLS has helped over 150 companies significantly increase customer engagement with the features of Marketing Cloud Studios and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot).  Whether it is journey builder, mobile studio or advertising studio, CMLS can help.       Marketing Cloud is a powerful B2C and B2B marketing automation tool that connects seamlessly with Salesforce® implementations and social media. Its features include creating professional emails that […]

Sales Cloud

    The CMLS team members have over 50 years combined experience administering Salesforce implementations.  We have helped over 100 companies customize features such as CPQ, sales processes, campaign reporting, collaborative forecasting, and case management.  We also implement Einstein Analytics! Salesforce® customer relationship management is industry leading with game changing capabilities for your team.  Since it is cloud based, meaning management of all the server […]

Business Analytics and Consulting

We help companies find the right levers to boost sales through digital analysis and marketing.   The end goal is to grow sales by significantly increasing your number of qualified leads. Quality will improve by leveraging precise marketing automation built with knowledge learned through data analysis.  Additionally, we have over a decade of experience migrating data to® or other CRM tools.  Successful migration helps implement the takeaways […]

As Archimedes imagined, with a big enough lever he could move the world! At CM Leveraged Solutions (CMLS) we consult with you to find levers to boost sales.