Business Analytics Enables Clients to Boost ROI


Leverage CRM Dashboards and Analytics for Next Steps

We work with you to develop the most relevant real time CRM dashboards for sales and marketing to identify actionable next steps. Check out this link for a quick demo of the power of Salesforce Dashboards and Reporting

To complement and enhance dashboards, leverage the leading Salesforce AI tools CRM Analytics or Tableau.

Migrate your existing data

We have helped many boutique clients who are deep Excel experts analyze, transform and load their data into CRM analytics tools. The goal is to leverage what you have to provide data-centric direction.


End Goal

The end goal is to grow sales by finding the levers in multi channel data that keep existing customers loyal, that increase the number of qualified leads, and that maximize business impact.

We have over a decade of experience loading data into®, connecting the data with synchronized flows, and maximizing business impact with next steps predicted to win.

CMLS leverages your data to grow revenue!