Business Analytics and Consulting

We help companies find the right levers to boost sales through digital analysis and marketing.  

The end goal is to grow sales by significantly increasing your number of qualified leads. Quality will improve by leveraging precise marketing automation built with knowledge learned through data analysis. 

Additionally, we have over a decade of experience migrating data to® or other CRM tools.  Successful migration helps implement the takeaways from analysis and naturally integrates sales and marketing.

Let us help lift your business plan with tangible next steps in customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation. Some examples of our data migration and analysis are shown below.


Use your existing data to focus the business plan

We are experts in  business analytics to provide data-centric direction.


Use CRM Dashboards and Analytics for real time tracking of the business plan 

We also work with you to develop the most relevant real time CRM dashboards for sales and marketing.

Check out link for quick demo of power of Dashboards and Reporting


Check out link for  B2B Marketing Analytics


CMLS leverages your data to boost sales!