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Chris is a passionate sales and marketing leader who started his career in Silicon Valley. After graduating from Purdue, he joined AMD and spearheaded marketing and business development into various global companies including Motorola, Samsung and Cisco.
After receiving an MBA from Santa Clara, Chris moved to Chicago and jumped into semiconductor sales for an IPO called Spansion. Over the next six years, he leveraged the power of® management to significantly increase global sales, first at Motorola on the popular RAZR phone and then at Cisco in Austin for industry leading routers, switches and IP Phones.
Coupling expert marketing analysis with implementation, Chris launched CM Leveraged Solutions in Austin during 2012 and has helped companies raise sales by finding strategic levers in a wide range of markets including high tech, fitness, and real estate.











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Marinelle is a dynamic leader that grew up in the Silicon Valley, graduating from San Jose State in marketing. Marinelle’s high energy level, focus on spiritual strength, and marketing skills have motivated others to succeed in business while maintaining a healthy balance. In addition to working in fitness for the Golden State Warriors, she marketed leading edge equipment for people suffering from multiple sclerosis. She also joined early a biotech company Abaxis to help increase sales. Upon moving to Chicago with her husband, Marinelle took a hiatus to raise her children before co-founding CMLS in Austin. Over the past three years, Marinelle has helped raise sales in fitness, software and health foods. Additionally she manages a dance company that emphasizes the highly successful Zumba fitness and may be included in Events for CMLS, Marinelle’s Dance